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I'm a lifestyle and fashion photographer from Auckland, New Zealand. 

Coffee in one hand, camera in the other, an Instagram feed or 6 to update and beautiful shoes on my feet is how you will find me on any given day.



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The CA Creative

My personal portfolio, and the photography side of this very website.  Most of my work is done through Graphite as this is the business I work my ass off for, but to get a sense of my style, check this out!

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Graphite Imaging

My photography business, in partnership with Sampford Cathie of SC Photography, where our focus is on people and the awesome things they are doing right here at home. From businesses to couples, bloggers to designers, we're all over it.

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The SC Photography Blog

The SC Photography blog is where other Sampford and I talk more on photography and other business related stuff for anyone interested in photography. Whilst I do talk about some things on TCA, a lot more content can be found here!