October Highlights

I'm laughing at myself a little for doing a post like this, because I feel every blogger out there does monthly roundup posts. I wanted to start dong these as a way to share some random loves, as well as chat about some cool projects and business milestones from the month.


Creative Favourites:

The new camera <3

I did it guys! I've upgraded myself from my D600 to a D750 and I'm LOVING it. 

Every time I borrowed Sam's one to shoot on I loved it, so I knew it would be the upgrade eventually. The image game has just levelled up instantly and I can't wait to play with it even more than I have so far. The Palazzo Pant mini series was shot on it (mentioned below), so you can see some of the stuff I've done with it so far on rushmare.com, or in the Rushmare client feature on the Graphite site. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 8.46.25 PM.png

The Graphite Website is finally done! 

After months of working on it, the new logo and website are finally complete! Fresh new content for a fresh new approach to Graphite. It's been a few months since we decided to ditch wedding photography for something more in line with what we were passionate about shooting and part of that big overhaul included a clean sweep with the content on the site. Prop's to Sampford for taking control of the overhaul because I will probably break the back end of the site if I tried to. My access to the Graphite site is limited to blog post upload haha.

And we have some new Graphite business cards!

And to go alongside that, new business cards with our new logo! Logo designed by our website designer, but the cards themselves designed, again, by Sam as he is better at graphic design than me. Pretty happy with how they turned out.


Shoot Favourite: rushmare.com - The Palazzo Pant Mini Series

Anna has really been on the mini series vibes recently, so when we go out to shoot it's typically 3 outfits with one major piece in common. This series was the Palazzo pant, and the images look awesome. If you want to go check out the shoot and hear her tips for styling such a statement piece, then go to rushmare.com

Graphite Imaging -31.jpg
Graphite Imaging -25.jpg
Graphite Imaging x The Charlotte Alexander (5 of 5).jpg


Foodie Favourite: Chuffed, High Street

I have been meaning to properly try Chuffed for ages. Anna took me there for a coffee break mid shoot once and I've been dying to head back and grab some brunch. So I dragged the bestie into town with me one Sunday morning to check it out. We both loved it. If you haven't been, fix this immediately. I waited waaaayyyyy too long. 



Fashion Favourite: Tracey flats from Merchant 1948

My new loves giving me some serious spring vibes. These studded backless slides have been my go to the last few weeks as the temperature gets higher. I can't really run around in knee high boots anymore, as practical as they are for everything I do. 

These are pretty much sold out nation wide right now, I got the last in my size in the country (sorry!) but my sources tell me they will be coming back.

Man, sources makes it sound so sneaky. Zara. My source is Zara. She allocates their stock and keeps me in the loop. She is also my best friend, so much more than just a source into the wonderful world of pretty shoes.

I've been taking a lot of photos of my feet this month because of them haha.



Beauty Favourite: Elie Saab 'Le Parfum'

I have never been the kind of person who like floral scented things. Candles, perfume, whatever it is, the scent is way too overwhelming to me. This perfume is the one exception to the rule I have found. This sophisticated woody floral scented perfume has been a favourite for ages, but is even more so right now because I finally got another bottle after not replacing it for months. The instant I smelt it for the first time I was hooked, having previously been a fan of sweeter scents like Viktor & Rolf's 'Bonbon'. 

I'm not the kind of person to have heaps of different perfumes on the go all the time, instead having one or two I wear all the time. It gets to the point where people associate specific scent's with me. This is definitely been on of those for me. A friend of mine had a mini bottle of it given to her, I tried it and fell in love. She hated it so gave me the bottle, but funnily enough she says she actually likes how it smells on me more than how it had smelt on her. I have her and her distaste for it to thank for it being my go to for the past few years. 

Graphite Imaging x The Charlotte Alexander-5.jpg


Instagram Favourites: @shotfromthestreet and @bonjourcoley

Basically one of my forever favourites on both Instagram and youtube, Lizzy from Shot from the Street is just style and content goals to me. She has been part of inspiring me to shoot film again, part of inspiring me to really start up this blog, part of the influence behind buying shoes like the above. I just adore her taste in clothes, art, everything. I've been following her for a while now but she remains one of the bigger Instagram (and blog) influences in my life. 

I'm also going to mention @bonjourcoley, because whilst she has been an instagram/youtube favourite for the longest time, and her Instagram content is beautiful, she has become a real life friend favourite who I taunt with photos of burgers, pugs and feijoas. Go check her out and give her a follow, 1. because her content is awesome, but 2. because half our relationship is crying over being victimised by the Instagram algorithm and we both need some love.

 @shotfromthestreet on Instagram

@shotfromthestreet on Instagram

 @bonojurcoley on Instagram

@bonojurcoley on Instagram


Workout favourite: Yoga

Oh you don't have to tell me, I know I sound like a typical white girl preaching about how amazing yoga is, but I've only just recently figured it out.

I don't know whether its the fact that I don't feel guilty about downtime now I'm not at uni, or whether there is some maturity thing happening, or maybe just me really valuing mental health and down time, but yoga is my new favourite thing and it has been doing wonders for my RSI/back issues.

Guided youtube videos are the way to not be bored by 30 minute routines. I needed the talking to tune in and focus on in order to get anything out of it. 


Decor Favourite: The Monochrome Gallery Wall

So I have been planning on doing a good gallery wall for the longest time, but I was waiting for a whole pile of things before I did. I try to not stick to a certain kind of artwork too much, just buying things I emotionally connect with, but I have enough clean monochrome prints that I was finally able to collate them and create a themed gallery wall. Mixing prints and photos, as well as black, white and mirrored frames (yes, I said mirrored) it is an interesting yet neutral and clean looking gallery wall and I love it.

Graphite Imaging x The Charlotte Alexander-1.jpg
Graphite Imaging x The Charlotte Alexander-2.jpg
Graphite Imaging x The Charlotte Alexander-4.jpg


TV Favourite: Chef's Table on Netflix

Guys, this series is magical. If you are a foodie in anyway, into documentaries, or even just learning about interesting people, this series is amazingly done. Each episode features a chef from one of the worlds best restaurants. It talks about their journey, the work they have done to make the restaurant as incredible as it is and the food that they serve. I live for the food montage near the end of the show. My uncle has been to a lot of the restaurants mentioned because he and my aunt travel the world in part to try all of these kinds of places, and I can 100% understand why now. It's a once in a lifetime to experience something so spectacular first hand and I'm inspired to check some of these places out one day. When I can afford to. Obviously.

So that was the October highlights of the month! Traditionally, my Octobers are pretty average with some awful stuff happening around this time every year. This year was better, with some good highlights, but I'm looking forward to November.