My Love for Kinfolk and Remix


I love the start to finish, the layouts, the content, the PHOTOGRAPHY; the beautiful collection of all things wonderful that are a dream to flick through and filled to the brim with inspiration. They have always been idyllic and the though of being part of the creation of these masterpieces seemed so exciting to me. Not helped by the fact that my Dad worked for the biggest magazine publishing company in Australasia managing the physical production of all these wonderful things here in NZ.

Unsurprisingly, my adoration for them has lived on through my career goal changes, getting a lot older, and Dad leaving printing/publishing for self employment. Even through my complete addiction for youtube and blogging. Though my childhood revolved around the glossy pages of teen mags, my 20’s taste focuses primarily on beautiful, inspiring and high quality quarterly publications that are an art form in themselves every issue. For my dose of culture, fashion and lifestyle, Remix magazine. For all things Auckland, Metro, Denizen and Paperboy (published more frequently than quarterly but with their own special place in my heart). For travel and lifestyle, Cereal and Suitcase. For work (wedding photography), Together Journal. And for life and essay based master pieces, i-D and Kinfolk. Yes, I spend a lot on magazines. Arguably faaaarrrrrr too much, but this isn’t the point of this post!




They are the ones that I will religiously purchase every issue of, read cover to cover, escape into, and carry with me. Remix and Kinfolk as a combination is pretty much what I hope the vibe of my website to evolve into, and they very much represent two major parts of who I am. The Philosophy major who contemplates everything, and the lover of everything lifestyle – fashion, beauty, culture and food. They both mean an incredible amount to me.


TheCharlotteAlexander Kinfolk (8 of 13).jpg


Kinfolk definitely speaks to the Philosopher in me. I loved university, and I loved my double major of Classical Studies and Philosophy. While the stress did a horrible number on my well being, the learning is something I miss dearly. It is the learning and challenging of my mind that holds Kinfolk in high regard for me. Every edition of Kinfolk has a different theme, and is filled with essays, articles and interviews written to that. Volume 22 for example was the work issue, 18 was about design, and 23 about weekends.

They are insightful, educational, and make you think. But they are also very much catered towards a certain lifestyle – someone wanting to better themselves, read quality and live well. And the articles are all fantastic, with a mix of thought pieces, interviews and informative articles, there is a distinct break up but also a very clear cohesion. It’s almost just difficult to explain, and is almost best experienced for ones self. I get my issues of Kinfolk from Magnation, as I do most other mags, because they are the best source for magazines in Auckland.



Remix is basically a lifestyle guide for the millennial Aucklander. Remix know’s their audience, and its people who live for exploring fashion, culture, beauty and food. These people go to nice restaurants, drink good coffee, dress well, look after themselves, work hard, play hard, try new things, and love to experience their city.

I started collecting the magazine a couple of years ago and have purchased it religiously ever since. It spoke to me as the piece of content I was missing in my life to inform me about everything happening at home. The new restaurants, what the designers were up to, dishing out inspiration page by page and I loved it instantly. I now count the days down to a new issue and typically buy it as soon as it hits the shelves.

Again, I normally purchase this from Magnation, but you can get Remix most anywhere that sells magazines. Supermarkets included. So this decision for me depends on where I am when it is released.


And for inspiration in my own work, I actually have one framed to keep it in front of me at all times. This is the first issue of Remix I purchased. I got it mainly because ultimate bae Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo on youtube) was featured, but instantly fell in love with the publication. It was also the issue that re-ignited my love for magazines. I decided to get it framed because lets be honest, its a pretty beautiful looking cover, but also because it represents one of those things that triggered a passion of mine. It lives on my desk leaning against the wall, looking glam as anything in my favourite gloss frame.


I know it’s pretty apparent from the rest of this post, but these magazines are all great sources of inspiration on a daily basis for me, and they are now also shaping the direction in which I want to take the blog. I have an idea for it and I’m running with it, but these two publications in particular have had a huge influence on inspiring me to take this leap. Its going to be an interesting time, that’s for sure!