The 'Treat Yourself' Mentality | Feat. Sunday Riley 'Artemis' Face Oil

I don’t think my life is anymore stressful than anyone else. Hell, I don’t think my life is anywhere near as stressful as some peoples. What I do know is that because of my anxiety I process stress very poorly. While I have improved my ability over the years, I still struggle and it is in this struggle that I started focusing on art of treating myself. I have little things here and there that I do to generally improve my quality of life, or even just my mood when I’m feeling crap. It is this kindness to yourself I associate with the ‘treat yourself’ mentality – making decisions every day that improve your quality of life. From coffee from a cafe every morning, to breakfast out on a Friday (and Sunday), from the fluffy therapeutic keychain I have on my work bag, to a pretty pair of shoes to make me feel badass all day, every day. Little things day to day help me get through stressful times and put me in the right mentality to take on my life, whether it be that coffee treat or reading that magazine I totally didn’t “need” to buy, but needed to buy, if you get what I mean.


This is a concept I will likely talk about quite a bit on the blog. Whilst it probably isn’t the most financially smart move on my part, I believe in the concept so much because it has made a huge difference in my life. Every once in a while, I invest a little more into something that gives re-occuring instances of that luxury or empowerment. Things like a print or painting, nice shoes, a beautiful coat, stunning lipstick, or this product: My Sunday Riley Artemis face oil

I never thought I would be writing a post praising a face oil. As a girl with oily skin, the idea of additional oil seemed extremely counter-intuitive. But as the ‘Luna’ face oil by Sunday Riley gained sudden popularity in the blogging world a few years back, I decided that I may have been a bit unfair in my initial assessment. I took it upon myself to do some more research. The fact that I now own one and am praising it as a staple piece of luxury in my life probably clues you in to the outcome of that research.

In its most brief description, face oil can actually be incredibly beneficial to those with oily skin, as well as everyone else, because it actually helps to prevent the skins natural production of oil! Similar to moisturiser, it helps keep the skin nourished which means it requires less natural oil production to keep it balanced. Oils have the added benefit of housing a million and one different benefits in a concentrated form that help to not only moisturise your skin, but improve its condition, hence their promotion to cult classic status.


After having a chat to the wonderful girls at Mecca Cosmetica a few years back, I got a sample of ‘Artemis’ by Sunday Riley. This one, at the time, was the best for oily skin. Since then they have released one called UFO that I believe is meant to be for oily/acne prone skin. This doesn’t change the fact that Artemis still garners some great accomplishments on the oily skin front. You need only read the benefits of every ingredient to know that putting this on your face will work wonders. It calms your skin, controls oil, rejuvenates and helps with any signs of aging. It literally helps to revitalise your skin. I instantly notice a difference when I wake up after using it the night before. My skin looks glowy and perfect every single time.


But as much as I love the Artemis oil, I believe it no longer exists. This post serves more as motivation to go out and invest in a face oil that works for you. They have become such a beauty staple for so many in the past few years that most big beauty brands are doing them. Go to your local beauty store and ask for a few samples to see which is your favourite and invest because I’m telling you it is a little piece of luxury that makes me feel so pampered and relaxed when I use it (and its so good for your skin!)

Sunday Riley face oils are not cheap, hence the investment item category. At $120 NZD from Mecca Cosmetica they are one of their more expensive products, but well worth the money. I’m a fan of several things that Sunday Riley make, though this is the only one I currently have due to the price tags. I have a lot of very expensive hobbies now days. I’ve gone into professional photography since I purchased this oil so I spend more money on clothes, shoes and camera gear than beauty items!


Disclaimer: These photos were taken a year back when I was playing with my new camera and toying with the idea of starting a blog. With an updated edit, I was pretty happy with them. There is a lot more product in the jar in this shot than there actually is now, as this was taken a few weeks after I first got it.