Jumping on the Podcast Train: My Favourite Podcasts Right Now


Oh I am so late to this game it isn't even funny.

For years and years I have been trying to get into podcasts, and have failed every single time. It's like me taking years to properly be into reddit, which is something I never really like to admit out loud - most people stare at me like there is something wrong with me. It was always just so hard to find the little gems that would win over your heart and soul and make you invest way to much of your time. Maybe it's something about acquired taste, or maybe it's about getting older and valuing different things, maybe it's because through Uni I was always so stressed I wanted to blast music on the bus home not listen to people remind me of the world outside my bubble. I don't know for sure what changed, or why it never stuck until now. What I do know is I now love Reddit (Tales from Retail speaks to my soul) and podcasts have worked their way into my life very quickly and very dramatically. 


So now I'm done telling you my life story of falling in love with Reddit and Podcasts, shall I actually share the ones I'm loving finally?



1. At Home With... by Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit

Blog and youtube babes Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton of 'The Anna Edit' launched a podcast recently entitled 'At Home With...' where they go into the home of some of the beauty and fashion industry greats, interviewing them, getting to know them, and talking about their homes. I have been loving it so much, in part because I love both these girls, but also because they have been interviewing some really awesome people and the concept of being in their space is very intimate but intriguing. 

The last one of the series went live this week, so go and binge-listen all of them!

Check out 'At Home With...'

2. The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

The podcast for creative industry girl bosses, as the description describes. I actually discovered Jenna through some social media channels long ago for her education courses, but recently checked out her podcast for the above, only just now getting into podcasts, reasons. She is a wedding photographer and educator, and I find her podcast incredibly inspiring as young entrepreneur. Dealing with marketing, social media, creative entrepreneurship, small business strategy and branding, it really is the place to get some serious inspo and ideas. Plus I've heard great things about her classes/courses, not that I have personally had anything to do with one yet. I've tried to absorb everything free from her thus far because a lot of what I have learnt as a photographer recently has gone into paying me and some other important re-investments. 

Check out 'The Goal Digger Podcast'

3. Ladies Who Lunch by Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes

The description for this says 'topics left out of polite conversation' and on some level I'll agree with that. Cat and Ingrid have been creating as part of the youtube community for a long time now, and decided last year (I believe) to start a podcast together. Talking on subjects like mental health, sex, relationships, social phobias, they basically take a look at a lot of issues that our generation are dealing with, but discuss and deal with them in a very real, yet entertaining way. I've been following Ingrid for at least 7 or 8 years now, and when I was looking to get into podcasts, her's was definitely one I wanted to check out. It lives up to and exceeds expectations.

Check out 'Ladies Who Lunch'


They have all been great additions to my daily work routine, providing a bit of variety, whilst all being great entertainment from people I admire. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Disclaimer: All images are taken from the respective websites for each podcast, the site for which can be found in the 'check out____' links after each section. They are also hyperlinked to the image.