Get some art on those walls: 5 cool online print stores (that also ship to NZ)

For the past 7 years I have been working in the art world, and by art world I don't mean galleries I mean picture framing. In picture framing, you see a little bit of everything. From Kimono's and Dan Carter's underwear (framed for a charity auction I swear) to classic prints and paintings. In 7 years of helping people frame their precious memories and artwork I have seen my fair share of prints from many different print stores. It can be hard living at the bottom of the world and trying to find beautiful art for the walls, and thats where I want to help! All these stores ship to NZ, some of them even for free on occasion. Three of them are even based right here at home so you can support the locals.

Being part of this millennial generation, I understand how stressful finding cool, affordable art can be (let alone framing it!). The price stacks up really quickly, and as much as we would like to decorate the walls, with rent being as high as it is we can't afford to (or you have a flatmate who will almost certainly fuck anything of value up). All of these stores have more affordable to more expensive, so there are options for everyone. 

For all my international babes reading, a lot, if not all, of these places ship elsewhere in the world too so you won't be missing out. You can also get your hands on some solid Kiwiana prints too if you want to have a bit of NZ in your living room. 


Not sure where to start?

Even better than telling you about these stores though, I spent some time creating a board on my Pinterest account that has my picks from these and many other print stores. Since I'm always browsing, you'll see more and more of them get added over time as well, so give me a follow! 

Check out the Pinterest Board 'TCA Print Picks'

1. Endemic World

Endemic has very quickly becomes one of those cool Ponsonby spots that has blown up in popularity. Their studio space in Ponsonby houses a gallery, print showroom and printers. Hosting many of New Zealand's best print artists, they are a great place to get some really cool, and affordable, art. 

Shop 'Endemic World'

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 4.45.52 PM.png
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2. Pop Motif

Pop Motif is another NZ based print store that has grown in popularity over the past few years. with a mix of international and local work, they are a great place to find some cult favs, and something you might not have seen before! 

Shop 'Pop Motif'

3. Society 6

I'm sure most people will have heard about Society 6; They are such. huge force in the affordable art world. Based out of the states, they are one of the biggest internationally known print stores. What I love about them is they provide a platform for artists to get their work seen by thousands of people, allowing anyone to create a career or side hustle out of being a print artist and gain international reach from the beginning. Aside from this of course, there is a huge and very cool range of prints on their site, the prints themselves are affordable, the shipping is decently quick to NZ and is often free when they do promotions. They are kind of like the Briscoes of the print world, there is always a promo of some sort happening! There is something for everyone on this site.

Shop 'Society 6'

4. Blacklist Store

This is the only independent artist store on this list, and it's because they have so many options and they are all so great. The blacklist site is based out of Australia, so you are still (kind of) supporting local with this one as a Kiwi. Blacklist has a mix of photographic and art prints, and they are all super moody and dreamy. I still don't own one of these, and I have only seen a handful of them in person, but I want almost everything on their website. 

shop 'Blacklist Store'

5. The Market NZ

Whilst The Market is not solely a print store, their focus is on providing a platform to artists and crafty humans all across New Zealand to have their work discovered. I came across this only the other day actually, as I was looking for places to buy plates from Claybird Ceramics. With a solid range of NZ print artists all in one place, they are another group trying to help the little guy. This one is really the epitome of supporting local. The prints are shipped by the individual artists, kind of like Etsy, so shipping times will vary, but I was told 5-7 days for mine and it arrived in 2 so I can't complain. 

Shop 'The Market NZ'


Disclaimer: ALL photographs have been taken from the Instagram or website of these brands, and a quick click on any of the images will take you straight to the source!