NZFW 2017: The magic, the fashion and my favourite moments.

If you live in Auckland, you will have known it was Fashion Week last week. There is no missing it. From Instagram stories filled with glamourous insight into the trends of A/W 2018, to news coverage of the madness, to the fashion world flooding downtown Auckland with the luxe street style and designer glam. There is absolutely no hiding from it (especially with Anna Kate of Rushmare sending me snaps of all the shows she is at).


But honestly, I've always loved fashion week. Exploring what the talented humans of New Zealand have been up to, getting insight into all the gorgeous items that will be keeping all of us cute and warm during A/W 2018, and just watching the whole thing go down on social media. I swear 60% of the Instagram stories I'm watching right now are industry professionals and influencers all busily working and sharing fashion week. Some effortlessly cool, as is the kiwi way when it comes to fashion, and some not so effortless looking but for sure making a statement.


But the main point of this post, other than to talk about all the exciting gossip, is to really highlight the magic and fantasy that is fashion week. I fall all over myself to look at the photos coming off the runway, not only to see what the NZ fashion scene is in for next year, but to also get a snapshot into the artistic side of fashion. The whole thing is whimsical and exciting in its own way, no matter whether its the weddings show or Stolen Girlfriends Club (I watched the live stream and LOVED it). It is the one week in NZ where the fashion world all comes together into this festival of appreciation for wearable artistry and I love every second of watching from the sidelines.


Speaking of magical wearable artistry though, the Trish Peng dress at the New Zealand Weddings Magazine show was to die for. This being the show stopping floral number that the whole of the fashion world in NZ is currently talking about. The one that is 4k worth of fresh flowers that were sewed on yesterday and chilled over night for todays walk. I mean, come on, it's perfection. There wasn't a person in the room without their phones out at that moment I bet you. I saw it from so many different angles on Insta stories, and studied it on the NZ Fashion Week Facebook page. Honestly, it's just magical. Dramatic and magical. Such an epic moment.


In my scouring of the pages though, I've been saving all my favourite shots. I'm so excited about all of these moments, both theatrical and fashion, and it is a good selection of some stuff I would actually buy and some stuff that I'm just in awe of in general. Buckle up, its a long one. All images (excluding the singular SGC image, which was from the NZFW site) sourced from the official NZ Fashion Week Facebook page, which you can find HERE.


All images sourced from the New Zealand Fashion Week Facebook Page, as they are doing such an epic job of coverage. Check it out HERE for more shots of the week.