Why I've started printing my photographs and you should be too!

Whether you are a photographer or not, it is a rare thing to actually print out your photos anymore. Images live their lives indefinitely inside our phones or computer, never to see the light of day, never to be fully enjoyed. At least the beauty of the film days is you were kind of forced into having prints to admire your work or memories. 

But the best part of today is that printing you photos is so easy. Whether you do them in singles at the photo shop, or as a collection of instax shots, there is something new to do. Print them all and make a gallery wall of photo frames, print them large format and have them as a piece of art, or do what I've done this time round and actually tile them up in one big layout to fit into a standard frame, in this case an A1 box frame. There something inherently satisfying about seeing your images printed out. For memories, you smile whenever you walk past them. For photographers, it allows you to full appreciate the best of your work and value the skill you have built up. There are so many different ways I could recommend you print and frame them, and I will talk on that one day because working in picture framing for 7 years has given me the skills for sure, but today I'm talking about what I did this week. 

So I've been wanting to do a frame or two like this for almost a year, but haven't ever got round to getting it done. In the new plan of my room, part of the process of mapping out frame placement involved figuring out what would go above my bed. I figured out that two A1 frames would fit perfectly spaced above my queen bed, so I decided to just do what I had been planning on doing for ages. They also had to be white frames, because majority of the ones I have already are black and I'm trying to diversify a little. The white also happens to look awesome on my grey walls!

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

I mapped out the layout in InDesign, placed all the images I wanted, and adjusted them behind their individual windows until I was happy with the crop. One frame has a selection of my own photos, some Instagram and some work ones. The other is a selection of images from some of my favourite bloggers as inspiration for fashion as well as for photography. The prints were done an Epson large format printer and are archival, so they shouldn't fade (though I imagine I will switch them out semi regularly, which for me will be every year or two). They are then fitted to two white A1 frames from Artefact Frames/El Framo in Auckland because I know the frames will last really well.


The Charlotte Alexander-1.jpg
The Charlotte Alexander-4.jpg

I'm actually insanely happy with how they turned out, and I think once we have an office for Graphite one day I will be doing this will our work in them. Of course we will have big frames with individual shots in them as well, we already have a collection of them ready and waiting, but this will be a cool way of putting a few more up and making an awesome looking gallery wall. 

Charlotte x