What's Inspiring Me Right Now | February 2018 Edition

It's that time of year again. 


We're almost 2 months into 2018. Your wide-eyed enthusiasm for your new year new me goals is wearing thin and you're in desperate need of a boost of inspiration to keep you going. I feel ya. I'm constantly weaving in and out of it.


So when I was flicking through my list of posts to do, I thought it was the perfect time to share some of the things that have really inspired me this month in hopes of inspiring some of you.


Kinfolk Entrepreneur

Graphite Imaging x The Charlotte Alexander-2.jpg

I know, I know. 


I go on about Kinfolk A LOT, and everyone in my life knows how much enojyment I get out of everything they release. I basically don't need to mention it at all anymore, except for the fact that I do. Because this book is awesome. 


This book is a compilation of interviews with entrpreneurs from all over the world, amazing humans who have worked their way to success and have all the advice in the world to give.


Seriously it is a must read, for creatives, for entrepreneurs, or for anyone who enjoys a real life good story with some beutiful photography and design work along side. Seriously buy it. It's worth the money.


Lizzy Hadfield 'Shot from the Street' - 'what it's like living alone' video

More and more I have been thinking about whether I would be happy living on my own. 


In theory I adore the idea of having a little apartment that is just mine, but endlessly worry that with my anxiety I would end up miserable and depressed. This video seriously resonated with me so much. 


I love Lizzy and all her content, from videos to blog posts, but this one in particualr was so relateable and made me feel like living on my own would be an adveture in self realisation more than anything. 


Now I want that little apartment real bad. 


But I live in Auckland, a city that is in the top 5 most expensive in the world that is also in the middle of a housing crisis. So we'll see.

 Image sourced from  shotfromthestreet.com  

Image sourced from shotfromthestreet.com 


The twenties club

 Screenshot of  thetwentiesclub.co.nz

Screenshot of thetwentiesclub.co.nz

If you're not from NZ you may not have come across The Twenties Club before.


Run by Madeleine Walker, The Twenties Club is literally a haven for twenty-somethings everywhere. Covering topics from the thoughts of twenty-somethings regarding the election, to things she would buy if rent money wasn't a thing, this is literally the mind of an Auckland (or any) twenty-something human. 


 I always come away feeling inspired and happy. It's so engaging you can't not read too much of it in one sitting. #sorrynotsorry


That's it from me! I hope something from this collection inspires you as much as they inspired me this week.

Let me know if there is something you think I should check out, i'm always keen to find something different (which means something other than kinfolk, though I love it dearly).

Charlotte x