My Life on 35mm #1

About 6 months ago I realised that I wasn't picking my camera up unless I was working.

After a while of building up my photography business and doing work shoots I was conditioned to associate my camera with work. As a result, I had stopped picking it up for the sake of shooting, where as I used to all the time. So it would just sit there until shoot days, and I didn't actually do my hobby anymore. It was something that upset me quite a bit once I realised, because up until that point poicking up a camera for the sake of taking photos had always made me really happy. And while I still loved taking photos (wouldn't be making a career out of it if I didn't) the excitement of taking photos in my spare time wasn't there.


I talked to Sam about it, because he has been doing this a lot longer than I have. He has a Leica as a play around camera to battle this exact issue. He reminded me that my Dad has a film set up that I could pick up as something a bit different. 

Honestly, I'm mad I didn't consider it sooner. I shot film in high school and had loved the process, and this kind of shooting was exactly what I needed. No instant gratification looking at the back, having to think about the shots I was taking, and the reward of picking up the film from the developers was an amazing process. I went and pulled all Dad's film kit out immediatly and asked him to show me how to use it (it has been years since I had shot film), went and bought some film and started shooting.


I really wanted to be able to do something with the shots other than just keeping them on my computer though. I weas inspired by Lizzy from 'Shot From the Street' (when am I ever not inspired by soemthing she is doing) and decided to start doing posts like this every once in a while.  


I don't shoot it all the time, and I currently am having it repaired so there may not be another of these for a little bit. I have been wanting to do one for a long while though, so I thought I should start with what i've got. 


Keep in mind, this was me re-learning how to shoot manual with a slightly inaccurate lightmeter (I learned it was inaccurate about 2 rolls into shooting)


Long story short, I think as creatives we need some way to keep us personally passionate about the work we do, so that when we come to doing work for clients we stay as imaginative and excited as we did when we did it as a hobby. Shooting film has made me excited to wander around with a camera again, and i'm even happier now I have a platform to share them.

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