What's Inspiring Me | March 2018

Another month, another round of awesome things I've been loving or inspired by.


I made a conscious effort to note things down if I really enjoyed them or got some inpsiration out of them this month so I could be a bit more specific content wise with what I shared with you. Hopefully you love them as much as I do!


Shot from the street - tips on productivity



And of course we have content from Lizzy Hadfield again. When is she ever not inspiration for me.


This month it was this blog post in particular - her tips on productivity. I love the mentality she has towards it all, very similar to mine, and made me feel a bit better about not being like everyone else on the internet with overly pretty bullet journals and seemingly perfect routines. She focuses on simplicity and self-care to keep herself productive which I value in itself because you don't end up wasting too much time on things to 'make you productive' at everything else. 


Well worth a read for creatives, bloggers or anyone who works from home.


Jessica Kobeissi - 'Photographers shoot the same model' series

I know that this series has been around for a while and that many people will know about Jessica Kobeissi but a friend of mine put me onto these videos recently and have seen them and never really watched them, I gave it a go.

I am now obsessed and DYING to do more personal projects.

It is also inspiring me to do some youtube stuff alongside the blog, so that might happen sometime soon... 😜


Monica Church - Millennial Life Crisis

Monica, along with her sister Shelby, have been part of the youtube scene for a hell of a long time. I've personally seen bits and pieces of their content over the years but never really watched too much, until I recently watched one of Monica's Millennial Life Crisis vlogs and instantly was hooked. 

I am really enjoying watching her content as a millennial trying to build something in the online and creative industry. The vlogs are filmed so well. Inspiring me, yet again, to start vlogging.


@therichardkelly on instagram


Not much to say other than the fact that I have really been enjoying his instagram stories the past few weeks! I find myself watching every second of it when it pop's up duing my scrolling, which if i'm honest I don't always do for people. He makes an effort to keep it entertaining.


Also helps that his work is gorgeous. Such an awesome feed to have a scroll down. Well worth checking out.

 Image from  @therichardkelly  on Instagram

Image from @therichardkelly on Instagram


That's all I've got for you this month! Let me know if you've come across any of the people above and what you think of them. 


I was off sick for a week this month, so I had a lot of time browsing the internet and clicking on random videos on youtube. Managed to find some new stuff to watch and it's making me really excited about trying some new stuff. Also about learning video editing. Working on that one haha.


Charlotte x