The Classic Watch | Feat. Daniel Wellington

Anyone who knows me knows i’m not a fan of obligatory presents, and I will probably talk on this at some point, but it is something that has always made me cringe. So when my parents asked what I wanted for my 21st, I told them I didn’t want much, but that if they were going to get me something I wanted something that would last and be functional in my life. This evolved into several pieces of artwork to add to my collection, and my Daniel Wellington watch (and chocolate because what birthday can go by without chocolate, be real here guys).

Technically gifted to me by Dad, but chosen by me, my Daniel Wellington ‘Sheffield’ watch was bought with matching my collection of everyday jewellery in mind. All the special people in my life know I feel naked without my rings, and I will jingle all day from my collection of bangles (and yes, occasionally I annoy myself too. You guys aren’t alone in it). I’m so attached to them all that I literally turned around on my way to party last week to go get my rings because I left them at home in my rush out the door. Because of this, something that sat in line with these pieces was incredibly important to me. Cue the watch.

I spent years trying to decide on a watch to purchase, going from brand to brand trying to find what I wanted, finally discovering Daniel Wellington and falling in love.The obvious choice for me was the classic silver with a black band, which when you look at any of the three photos pictures becomes pretty evident. I chose the smaller watch face at the time, and while part of me wishes I got the larger one I feel that this is more classic and delicate the way it is. It has a simplicity that makes it work with everything, and a sophistication that seems both effortless and elegant at the same time.

Like with any leather strapped watch, you need to replace the band every 1-2 years. I replaced mine recently, as we are nearing the 2 year mark, because it disintegrated on me finally haha. The replacements from Daniel Wellington themselves are $99 in NZD for the leather versions and $59 for the fabric ones. The great thing about these watches is that they are designed in such a way that you can interchange the strap depending on your outfit or mood each day. If you have a selection, maybe a fabric one and a couple of leathers, then you can just mix and match them, making the watch incredibly versatile. The added benefit of this is that the straps will wear out far slower because they will be on rotation, rather than worn all day, every day like I do mine. Just be aware that the first few times you change it, it will be horrendously difficult to do because the spring closure on the pin is so new!

This wave of classic timepieces in a world of evolving and overwhelming tech is quickly gaining popularity. There have been so many brands in the last few years that have started up with hopes of contributing to this introduction of classic simplicity – the goal of having small aspects of your life that don’t revolve around your phone, your laptop, your smart watch. And it seems ridiculous to be putting so much stock and expectation into a watch, but I feel that it is the little things like this that can help to calm and separate the mind. As we are forced into a world constantly surrounded by notifications and that instant reflex we have to feel for our phones to make sure we haven’t lost them, simple things like a classic watch as opposed to a smart watch or your phone to tell the time, help to keep the mind from being constantly bombarded. It’s like reading a physical copy of a book, or just spending face to face quality time with people you care about. There is value to it in a world where these things are no longer the norm, to hold onto them and try to find some peace in them. It’s something I have been trying very hard to focus on including in my life after I came to the realisation that I was frightfully addicted to technology. I mean, I still am, but that’s kind of an occupational hazard for me. Every little bit counts to counteract it!


Let me know if you have a watch like this, and where it is from, because I am wanting to expand my collection (even though I clearly adore this one)

Charlotte x




Charlotte Turner