The Perfect Statement Ring | feat. Stolen Girlfriends Club

I get a lot of joy out my jewellery. I have been working on my everyday jewellery collection since I was about 16, from bracelets to rings, necklaces to all my ear piercings and my Daniel Wellington watch. I’ll do a full collection one day. I started out with a single ring I purchased in a half price sale (which I lost for 8 months and found underneath the couch at my friends apartment today) and have worked my way up from there. This particular ring is a beauty, my pride and joy, and is probably the coolest piece of jewellery I own. It is the Stolen Girlfriends Club Six Piece Prism Ring.

Stolen Girlfriends Club 6 Piece Onyx Ring

I adore Stolen Girlfriends Club. Every time I go in there is a piece that steals my heart. Unfortunately, being a student, I can never justify the money on any of it, so I try to avoid going in there too much. Their jewellery is a slightly easier load to bear however. All the pieces are just really cool, and this ring is one of the coolest. I had been lusting after it for weeks and weeks, going in and trying it on every single time I walked past their Nuffield Street store. It was perfect. I wanted a statement ring for my middle/index finger. Because I don’t have the skinniest fingers out there, and their rings are unisex, it was the perfect place to look. The ring was gorgeous and they had the size I wanted. It was haunting me.

Stolen 6 Piece Prism Ring

$349 is a lot to spend on something so frivolous when you are a student. So every time I tried it on I put it down again, cried a little inside and walked out. I talked about it a lot and to everyone. On Christmas Eve, Mum and I were doing a little last minute shopping and I told her to come and look at the ring I keep going on about since we were walking past the shop. She thought it was just as cool as I did. I put it down again, said Merry Christmas to the guy who works there (who recognises me now) and went back to the car. We had just sat down and started leaving the carpark when Mum said ‘I think I want to buy you that ring for Christmas’. I, no joke, almost started crying. Thats how in love with this ring I am. She hadn’t had time to get me anything for Christmas yet, and honestly I don’t really care about getting presents anyway, but I was thrilled by the prospect of this. We raced down to Nuffield Street and she got me the ring. I had to wait 16 hours until we opened presents of course, but I was dying to wear it so it was a hard wait.

This ring is epic for a few reasons.

  1. The stone is onyx, and I love onyx.
  2. The ring is actually 6 different rings held together by the bar with the onyx. It pretty unique from anything I have seen.
  3. It is a real statement, but a slightly subtle one, which is what I was looking for. It’s big without being too big and over the top. Anything too big would bother me and wouldn’t be an every day ring, especially since it would get caught in my hair.

So if you are on the hunt for a cool ring, go check out Stolen. It’s a really unique New Zealand designer brand and I love that I am repping the locals with this one. One day I will be able to afford the gorgeous leather biker jacket they have, but until then this ring is giving me a piece of that vibe Stolen Girlfriends Club is great at expressing.


Charlie x

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

Sidenote: This was originally published on my old blog around 6-12 months ago when I was still playing around with the idea of starting to publish content. Since then, Stolen have pulled this ring from their standard manufactured offerings and have moved it to being a custom order only item. The version without the stone is still available in stores.